Scott & Partners is a network of lawyers and consultants who work and are present both in Italy and abroad (Great Britain, USA, France). The law firm has been included in the English Speaking Lawyers list by the following Embassies: United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. The network’s professionals are multilingual and highly specialized in their respective fields.

Each customer is always followed by their private consultant. In more complex cases, for maximum efficiency, professional activities can be fulfilled through

team-working: namely, the establishment of professional groups that are made up of members of the network, specially selected on a case-by-case basis, to best solve the dispute, provide more effective solutions and meet customer needs in the shortest time possible.

Our aim is to bring you qualified legal advice and assistance, to the highest professional standards, in both domestic and international specific areas of law.

Our services are always addressed to people (and SMEs) with foreign citizenship or resident abroad.

Scott & Partners provides their clients (at no cost):

  1. On-line free information and requests (info@scottandpartners.com);
  2. Immediate update on the status of your file, with an indication of timing and deadlines;
  3. Planning activities and detailed budget;
  4. Agreements on compensation (eg. Percentage);
  5. Ad-hoc agreements that allow customers to take advantage of our services at a discounted rate;